Protection and respect of employees

The IFIS Group refuses to adopt policies that discriminate against employees or applicants based on gender, age, religious or political beliefs and trade union affiliation, as well any form of nepotism and preferential treatment. All Group companies commit to ensuring that management and the heads of the individual business units treat their Employees fairly, guaranteeing their professional growth and fostering a workplace climate based on the principles of fairness and loyalty.

These principles shall apply at all stages of the company-employee relationship, from recruitment to hiring, the periodic performance appraisal, the access to training opportunities, remuneration and incentive schemes, and the end of the employment relationship.

As for remuneration policies, the analysis of the ratio of female-to-male pay shows limited differences for middle and senior managers and equality among clerical staff.


In addition, the Group's companies commit to protecting Employees who report unfair and/or illegal business practices as well as facilitating and promoting access to data and information relevant to any investigation. As the Parent Company, Banca IFIS, consistently with regulatory provisions and best practices, has established an internal reporting system that guarantees the privacy of all parties involved in any violation, also in order to protect the complainant from retaliation and discrimination.