Workplace health and safety

In accordance with the guidelines in the Organisational and Management Model as per Italian Legislative Decree 231/01 and the "Consolidated Law on Workplace Health and Safety” (Italian Legislative Decree no. 81 of 2008), Banca IFIS has prepared an “Integrated Safety and Environment Manual” that defines its Safety Policy and the relevant procedures and adopts a system to ensure compliance with legal requirements and prevent the offences set out in Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/01.

The organisation responsible for health and safety is comprised of the Head of the Prevention and Protection Service (RSPP, Responsabile Servizio Prevenzione e Protezione in Italian), a Prevention and Protection Service Officer (ASPP, Addetto al Servizio di prevenzione e protezione in Italian), and two delegations of functions to the heads of Human Resources and General Services, as well as a series of managers and members of emergency and first aid teams. The Integrated Manual includes a Competency Matrix that outlines the roles and competencies of the various functions concerning health and safety with the aim of designing the relevant operational procedures. Ultimate responsibility for identifying and managing measures to protect employee health and safety lies with the General Manager.

Pursuant to applicable laws and the procedures in the Integrated Safety and Environment Manual, Banca IFIS identifies and assesses the risks employees are exposed to by preparing the Risk Assessment Document (DVR, Documento di Valutazione dei Rischi in Italian) and holds two meetings every year to inform the General Manager, Employee Safety Representatives and the Occupational Physician about the work carried out. During the year, continuous Safety Follow Ups and Audits—either conducted in-house by the RSPP or Internal Audit, or by external parties at the request of INAIL [Italy's National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work]—verify compliance with applicable laws and whether policies and programmes are being properly implemented.

The main initiatives carried out in 2016 concerned:

To support employees—especially those of the sales network—involved in criminal events, an “Emergency Plan” including information about what to do in the case of robberies, attacks or acts of sabotage is available on the Bank's intranet.

Another important issue is preventing health problems related to computer use and maintaining the same posture for long periods of time. In this regard, the Group provides (subject to medical prescription) lumbar pillows to improve workplace ergonomics and controls natural light with Venetian blinds to reduce glare on computer screens.   

Here below is the Group's work injury rate for the last two year, broken down by type: