In 2016, the Operations department consolidated the radical organisational change that began in late 2015 with the aim of revising and innovating the operational model as well as technological solutions.  The new organisation involved a significant increase in staff—especially in the ICT area, which saw an influx of experienced employees into middle management in order to help implement important change initiatives as well as of young new hires with specialist technology skills to develop new digital applications in-house. Through the ICT Strategic Plan prepared in accordance with the prudential supervisory provisions for Banks, the Operations department has charted a new way forward for the Bank in order to grow the size of the Business as well as offer new operational models based on Fintech. Therefore, the Bank made significant investments in rationalising the core banking systems in the medium term, leveraging leading Outsourcing solutions, as well as in developing digital solutions in-house to grow the Business of the Factoring, Non-Performing Loans and Digital Bank specialist areas, while maintaining an innovative and distinctive character. This entailed completing the initiatives to adopt digital native solutions, introducing digital signature processes and mobile tools to support customer interactions. In addition, Banca IFIS has launched a wide-ranging strategic initiative to advance the digitisation of its operational model further, centring it around the Salesforce platform. The goal is to reduce the time to market in developing the bundling of new products, enable mobile cross-selling processes, and overhaul the user experience for both Customers and employees by streamlining and automating processes. During the year, the Bank also introduced SAS-based Big Data tools and solutions, laying the foundations for the evolution of Data Warehouse and Analytics systems in order to support decision-making and risk control processes. In addition, in the last quarter of 2016 the Operations department supported Banca IFIS's extraordinary operations, which changed the Group's structure and will be key for the projects of the coming year.