Banca IFIS and the community

The initiatives the Banca IFIS Group carries out with local communities show its willingness to serve companies by promoting a culture of entrepreneurship—including for non-profit purposes.

In addition, there are also charity projects that often directly involve employees. These refer to associations in the communities where the company operates: the Bank hosts initiatives and events for the public or the business community on its premises.

Here below are the main projects and initiatives carried out during 2016.


Support to entrepreneurship

Botteghe Digitali (Digital Workshops)

Botteghe Digitali is a project Banca IFIS developed with Stefano Micelli, a Professor at Venice's Cà Foscari University, and Marketing Arena. It seeks to help deserving companies—which are not necessarily Banca IFIS's customers—establish themselves on the market and boost their competitiveness while preserving the characteristics of the made-in-Italy brand that makes them special. Go to website  

New Craft Club

The New Craft Club is a community based on the principle of exchanging and discussing experiences and knowledge concerning the digitisation, information and presentation of the best Made in Italy companies. In 2016, many of them were featured in the New Craft show of the Triennale di Milano's 21st International Exhibition—an event Banca IFIS supported as exhibition partner. 

The Club seeks to create an environment in which companies can discuss and learn about specialist issues associated with the needs or evolution of the market, and that could potentially serve as an observatory for the trends concerning the digitisation of craft businesses with the help of public officials, researchers, market participants, and consultants. Go to website  

Study “The made in Italy meets the digital”

“The Made in Italy meets the digital” is an interactive study of the digitisation of craft businesses conducted by Fondazione Nord Est and supported by Banca IFIS.

The study sought to measure the penetration of certain digital manufacturing technologies—specifically, laser, 3D printing, robotics, e-commerce, and the web—among Italian businesses. 787 Made in Italy consumer companies operating in three sectors—housing, fashion, and jewellery—participated in the survey. Go to website 

Study “Medium-sized Businesses Drive Growth”

In 2016, the former Interbanca Group supported the study—conducted by Professors Paolo Gubitta and Diego Campagnolo (University of Padua) with Doxa, which surveyed 300 executives and senior leaders—on mid-market companies, i.e. Italian businesses with a turnover between 5 and 250 million Euro.

In 2016, the study focused only on the Italian market and was carried out in partnership with

It emerged that Italian companies are still reluctant to use advanced financing options because of a cultural lag or the lack of specific competencies. The segment therefore represents a wide and untapped potential market for financial products such as factoring, leasing, and structured finance.

The CEO School

The CEO School programme, launched in April 2016, is an advanced training course created by Valore D and the former Interbanca Group inspired by the belief that greater gender diversity can help improve business results. It seeks to allow an increasing number of women to work in executive positions.

The programme is offered to 30 female top managers selected for a monthly training course that ends in February 2017.

Festival of Politics

In 2016, Banca IFIS supported Mestre's “Festival of Politics”, which focuses on the main Italian and international political, economic and social issues. In September 2016, Banca IFIS CEO Giovanni Bossi attended the Festival and had a conversation with Dario Di Vico, a journalist for the newspaper Il Corriere della Sera, on the topic “Economic crisis and political splintering”.


Donations and Sponsorships

Metti in Banca il tuo Cuore (Put your Heart in the Bank)

Banca IFIS has been working for several years now with Associazione Amici del Cuore, a non-profit organisation that promotes initiatives concerning preventive healthcare, secondary rehabilitation and healthcare education as well as supports research in cardiovascular diseases. The Bank has donated funds to the Association in 2014 and 2015 and conducted joint initiatives in 2016.

The Bank's employees participated in a preventive healthcare initiative in which they received a free electrocardiogram at the Head Office in Mestre (216 participants). The data collected was made available to the Association as a data base for research purposes. In addition, in 2016 Banca IFIS supported the World Heart Day, an event that promotes preventive healthcare organised by the Association in partnership with the Municipality of Venice.

Support to the ABIO Association

Banca IFIS decided to make the Christmas holidays an opportunity for charity by reserving part of the budget usually dedicated to company parties for a project in partnership with the ABIO (Assistenza Bambini in Ospedale, Aid for Hospitalised Children) Association of Mestre and Milan, which operates in the paediatric units of Italian hospitals. The Bank's donation allowed to buy toys and other goods to aid the recovery of children and their families. The initiative was also an opportunity for company volunteering: 102 employees (across Banca IFIS and the former Interbanca Group) contributed directly to the initiative, for instance by delivering the gifts at the hospital.

“Charity” team building for the CrediFamiglia Agent Network

In 2016, the annual macro-regional meeting of the NPL Area's CrediFamiglia Agent Network became a charity team building event. The initiative was held in Rome and saw teams of agents work with a street

artist: the team was tasked with help ‘their street artist’ engage passers-by to persuade them to make a donation to the non-profit organisation Save The Children.