Reclassified Group Historical Data ¹

The following table shows the main indicators and performances recorded by the Group during the last 5 years.

HISTORICAL DATA (in thousands of Euro)31.12.201631.12.201531.12.201431.12.201331.12.2012
Available for sale financial assets374.2293.221.533243.3252.529.1791.974.591
Held to maturity financial assets--4.827.3635.818.0193.120.428
Loans to customers5.928.2123.437.1362.814.3302.296.9332.292.314
Due to banks503.964662.9852.258.9676.665.847557.323
Due to customers5.045.1365.487.4765.483.4744.178.2767.119.008
Net banking income325.971407.958284.141264.196244.917
Net profit from financial activities299.366373.708249.631219.609191.166
Group net profit687.945161.96695.87684.84178.076
KPI :     
Cost/Income ratio(129,2)%31,4%36,8%28,9%27,9%
Total own funds Capital Ratio (2)98,5%15,4%14,2%13,5%12,7%
Common Equity Tier 1 Ratio (2)8,3%14,7%13,9%13,7%12,9%
Number of shares outstanding at period end(3) (in thousands)53.81153.07252.92452.72853.551
Book per share22,8110,818,277,215,77
Dividend per share0,820,760,660,570,37
Payout ratio6,4%24,9%36,4%35,4%25,4%

(1) Net value adjustments on receivables of the NPL Area, totalling 32,6 million Euro at 31 December 2016 compared to 3,6 million Euro at 31 December 2015, were reclassified to Interest receivable and similar income to present more fairly this particular business, for which net value adjustments represent an integral part of the return on the investment.

(2) The new set of harmonised regulations for banks and investment firms included in EU Regulation no. 575/2013 (CRR) and in Directive 2013/36/EU (CRD IV) is applicable as from 1 January 2014. Data for periods up until 30 September 2013 were recognised according to previous regulations (Basel 2). The Solvency ratio and the Core Tier 1 have been presented under Total Own Funds Ratio and Common Equity Tier 1 Ratio, respectively.

(3) Outstanding shares are net of treasury shares held in the portfolio.