Significant events occurred during the year

Banca IFIS transparently and timely discloses information to the market, constantly publishing information on significant events through press releases. Please refer to the “Investor Relations\Press Releases” section on the website for complete details.

Here below is a summary of the most significant events.

Acquisition of GE Capital Interbanca

On 30 November 2016, after obtaining the authorisations of the competent Supervisory Authorities on 29 November 2016, Banca IFIS acquired 99,99% of the former GE Capital Interbanca S.p.A.. The acquisition was conducted by entering into a Share Purchase Agreement (SPA) on 28 July 2016 with GE Capital International Holdings Limited. The 160 million Euro purchase price is subject to an adjustment mechanism to be calculated based on the financial position at the effective date. Under the agreement, GE Capital Interbanca and its subsidiaries fully repaid the amount due to the holding company, which amounted to approximately 2,1 billion Euro.