Consolidated Income Statement

(in thousands of Euro)
10.Interest receivable and similar income325,438250,210
20.Interest due and similar expenses(57,255)(41,584)
30.Net interest income268,183208,626
40.Commission income59,40663,174
50.Commission expense(18,295)(4,391)
60.Net commission income41,11158,783
80.Net result from trading(702)(78)
100.Gain (loss) on sale or buyback of:50,007140,627
 a) loans and receivables44,52914,948
 b) available for sale financial assets5,478125,679
120,Net banking income358,599407,958
130.Net impairment losses/reversal on(59,233)(34,250)
 a) loans and receivables (1)(54,882)(25,273)
 b) available for sale financial assets(4,356)(8,977)
 d) other financial transactions5-
140.Net profit (loss) from financial activities 299,366373,708
180.Administrative expenses:(192,154)(127,170)
 a) personnel expenses(65,878)(48,342)
 b) other administrative expenses(126,276)(78,828)
190.Net allocations to provisions for risks and charges(1,849)(229)
200.Net impairment losses/Reversal on property. plant and equipment(2,485)(1,650)
210.Net impairment losses/Reversal on intangible assets(3,570)(2,096)
220.Other operating income/expenses621,2183,026
230.Operating costs421,160(128,119)
280.Pre-tax profit (loss) for the period from continuing operations720,526245,589
290.Income taxes for the year relating to current operations(32,541)(83,623)
300.Pre-tax profit (loss) from continuing operations687,985161,966
320.Profit (loss) for the period687,985161,966
330.Profit (loss) for the year attributable to non-controlling interests40-
340.Profit (loss) for the year attributable to the Parent Company687,945161,966